1st Grade History Online-Full Year

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This course covers several different areas of social studies, including physical and human geography; history and historical sources; U.S. symbols, songs, and celebrations; citizenship and civic responsibility; and economics.

Students learn about the locations, characteristics, resources, and cultures of the earth, as well as those in their own community. They explore concepts related to the study of history and the history of the United States. Students identify key U.S. symbols and learn the reasons behind special national observances. They learn the meaning of citizenship and the duties and responsibilities of good citizens. Students explore basic economic concepts, such as needs and wants, buying and selling, and consumers and producers. They investigate the development of ancient civilizations in the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, India, China, and Greece.

This course requires the following household materials:

· composition book, notebook, or loose-leaf paper to use as a Social Studies Notebook

· crayons, markers, or colored pencils


Unit 1: My Great Big World
Unit 2: Our Community
Unit 3: Learning About the Past
Unit 4: The United States
Unit 5: Understanding Citizenship
Unit 6: Participating in the Economy
Unit 7: Our Distant Past
Unit 8: Early Civilizations
Unit 9: More Early Civilizations

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