1st Grade Language Arts Online-Full Year

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The English Language Arts 1 program comprises two courses, ELA 1 and Phonics 1. The program provides a well-balanced approach to literacy that integrates phonics, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting. Students develop comprehension, build vocabulary, and gain a lifelong interest in reading. Thematic units in literacy contain workshops in which instruction is anchored by a focus text. Through a combination of teacher-led instruction (either live or via embedded video within the course) and independent practice (both online and offline), students build knowledge by exploring both classic and contemporary works in different genres and formats—fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction, trade books, magazines, and e-books. Beginning in the second semester, students complete focused grammar activities and write a variety of compositions by following the writing process.

Phonics prepares students to become independent readers through teacher-led, systematic, multisensory instruction in a developmentally appropriate manner. Students review phonological awareness and learn advanced decoding skills and sight words. Letter tiles, a variety of interactive games and activities, and decodable readers (brief stories that consist entirely of words students can read independently) support multimodal learning. Spelling instruction begins in the second half of the first semester in ELA 1, building on the foundation of letter-sound knowledge previously mastered in Phonics.

Targeted handwriting activities provide gentle instruction to help students print letters correctly.

This course requires the following household materials:

· crayons

· dictation notebook

· glue

· index cards

· scissors, round-end safety

· sight words box


Unit 1: Kindness Is Important

Unit 2: All About Foxes

Unit 3: Wordly Wisdom

Unit 4: Midsemester A Reflect, Review, and Read

Unit 5: Up in the Sky

Unit 6: Lessons to Learn

Unit 7: In Space

Unit 8: Cats

Unit 9: Midyear Reflect, Review, and Read


Unit 10: Little People Can Do Big Things

Unit 11: Lunch!

Unit 12: The Dungy Family

Unit 13: Animal Antics

Unit 14: Inventions

Unit 15: Midsemester B Reflect, Review, and Read

Unit 16: Unlikely Friends

Unit 17: Earth Is Our Home

Unit 18: Animals of the Woods

Unit 19: Let's Put On a Show

Unit 20: End-of-Year Reflect, Review, and Read


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