1st Grade Phonics Online-Full Year

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The English Language Arts 1 program comprises two courses, ELA 1 and Phonics 1. The program provides a well-balanced approach to literacy that integrates phonics, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting.

Phonics prepares students to become independent readers through teacher-led, systematic, multisensory instruction in a developmentally appropriate manner. Students review phonological awareness and learn advanced decoding skills and sight words. Letter tiles, a variety of interactive games and activities, and decodable readers (brief stories that consist entirely of words students can read independently) support multimodal learning. Spelling instruction begins in the second half of the first semester in ELA 1, building on the foundation of letter-sound knowledge previously mastered in Phonics.

Unit 1: Look Back: Sounds /ă/, /ŏ/, and /ŭ/
Unit 2: Look Back: Sounds /ă/, /ĕ/, /ĭ/, /ŏ/, and /ŭ/
Unit 3: Look Back: Digraphs sh, ch, and th
Unit 4: Look Back: Digraphs, Trigraphs, Sounds, Letters, and Vowel
Unit 5: Blends –nd, –ft, –lk, and –c
Unit 6: Blends –lp and –lt
Unit 7: Blends –mp and –sp
Unit 8: Blends –sk, –st, –nt, and –nch
Unit 9: Blends bl–, cl–, fl–, gl–, pl–, and sl–
Unit 10: Blends br–, cr–, dr–, fr–, gr–, pr–, and tr–
Unit 11: Digraph Blends shr– and thr–
Unit 12: Blends sc–, sp–, st–, sw–, sk–, sm–, sn–, and tw
Unit 13: Blends spr–, str–, squ–, scr–, and spl–
Unit 14: Words Ending in –ank, –ink, –onk, and –unk
Unit 15: Words Ending in –ang, –ing, –ong, and –ung
Unit 16: Silent e Spellings for Sounds /ā/, /ī/, /ō/, and /ē/
Unit 17: Silent e Spellings for Sounds /ū/ and Long Double o
Unit 18: Sounds /ar/ and /or/


Unit 19: Contractions and Sound /z/ Spelled s
Unit 20: Two-Syllable Words and Schwa Soun
Unit 21: Endings –ing, –est, and –ed
Unit 22: Consonant Ending –le and Digraph p
Unit 23: Spellings for Soft c and Soft g Sounds
Unit 24: Spellings for Sound /ā/
Unit 25: Spellings for Sound /ī/
Unit 26: Spellings for Sound /ō
Unit 27: Spellings for Sound /ē/
Unit 28: Spellings for Sounds /ū/ and Long Double o
Unit 29: Spellings for Double o Sounds
Unit 30: Long Vowels and Double o Sounds
Unit 31: Sound /er/ Spelled –er, –ir, –ur, and –ear
Unit 32: Sound /ĕ/ Spelled e
Unit 33: Sound /oi/ Spelled oi and oy
Unit 34: Sound /aw/ Spelled au and aw
Unit 35: Sound /ow/ Spelled ou and ow
Unit 36: Sound /ō/ Spelled ow

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