2D Animation Online Single Semester

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Are you inherently creative? Do you have an eye for drawing, technology, and timing? If so, 2D Animation is the course for you! 2D animation creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. And in this course, you will learn the necessary skills to do just that. 2D Animation will give you the tools to conceptualize and bring your animation dreams to life! Using a variety of software and design programs, you’ll have the power to transform your creative notions into reality! Design, define, and complete a variety of digital design projects including creating your own website! Learning about 2D Animation could lead to a thriving career in the growing world of technology and animation! System Requirements: Software: Software is a free download called "Unity" System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 7® or higher, 64 bit versions only; macOS 10.11 or higher.

Basics of Animation
Trace the origins and early history of the art of animation.
Explore how the eye and brain process moving images.
Compare the differences between past animation techniques and current animation technologies.
Understand the differences between various types of animation.

Hand-Drawn Animation
Explain how drawn animation evolved from early picture-viewing devices.
Understand and apply Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation.
Use key terms of hand-drawn animation.
Appreciate the world of animation beyond the United States.
Include design elements in your drawings.

Computer Animation and CGI
Understand the difference between a bitmap image and a vector image.
Trace the process of CGI production from idea to theater.
Discuss the pros and cons of different production processes.
Define and explain kinematics and animatics.
Identify the key departments in an animation studio.

Digital 2D Animation
Create animation sequences with layered drawings and backgrounds.
Trace videos to make rotoscoped sequences.
Use the important functions of 2D animation software.
Export your animated videos to share with the world.
Apply graphical tools to improve your digital drawings.

Human Anatomy and Form
Draw the human body in proportion.
Identify and create the walk cycle for animation.
Discuss how poses communicate emotion.
Develop your own animated characters based on real anatomy.

Animated Motion
Understand the Laws of Motion and Gravity.
Apply physics principles to the movement of your characters.
Create facial expressions that convey emotions.
Turn your characters into first-rate actors.

Introduction to Blender
Explain the difference between motion capture and keyframe animation.
Grasp the power of modern animation techniques, including bones, muscles, and rigging.
Understand the process of simulating water, hair, and other dynamics.
Navigate the Blender interface.
Create simple animations using parenting, movement, rotation, and scaling along with keyframes.

Character Modeling
Use various modeling techniques to create a character model.
Hide background geometry.
Navigate the 3D view using shortcuts.
Switch between perspective and orthographic mode.
Understand and apply the principles of topology.

Character Animation
Create an armature rig to fit a bipedal character model.
Skin or attach a character model to a rig so that it deforms like skin with the movements of the various bones.
Develop a seamless walk cycle for a rigged character model.

Write dialogue and action in proper film script format.
Understand three-act script structure.
Identify camera shots, angles, and movement.
Create storyboards for animation.

Video, Music, and Sound
Appreciate how sound affects emotions.
Record good voice acting for animation.
Match animated mouth shapes to the sounds of speech.
Design and edit a simple soundtrack for video.
Add titles and export an animation with sound.

Careers in Animation
Put together a portfolio of your work.
Recognize plagiarism and know how to avoid it in animation.
Pitch your animation project.
Understand the difference between jobs in animation vs. game design.
Describe how to protect your digital animation work.

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