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2nd Grade Language Arts Online-Full Year

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This course provides a comprehensive and interrelated sequence of lessons for students to continue building their proficiency in literature and comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting.

Please note: Course materials will be available in various formats, which may include physical and/or digital materials.

Standard Curriculum Items

  • K12 Language Arts Orange Lesson Guide, Activity Book, Spelling Handbook, and Assessment Book
  • K12 Classics for Young Readers, Vol. B
  • K12 World Magazines
  • Handwriting Without Tears: Printing Power Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook
  • Accomplishments chart and stickers
  • Printed alphabet desk strips
  • Regular double line paper

Additional Curriculum Items

  • Additional works of literature, including Surprises, a book of poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Listen, My Children: Poems for Second Graders, from Core Knowledge
  • Items easily found in a typical home

NOTE: List subject to change

Literature and Comprehension

Unit 1: Furry Friends

Unit 2: Flying Friends

Unit 3: Choice #1

Unit 4: Poetry

Unit 5: Classics for All Ages

Unit 6: A Weed is a Flower

Unit 7: Winds and Wings

Unit 8: Rome 1

Unit 9: Rome 2

Unit 10: Peter Pan

Unit 11: "The Jackals and the Lion"

Unit 12: Clara and the Book Wagon

Unit 13: Lessons to Learn

Unit 14: Checkpoint

Unit 15: Revolution

Unit 16: Quilting Stories

Unit 17: Pet Poems

Unit 18: "The Foolish Goose"

Unit 19: Poetry

Unit 20: Choice #2

Unit 21: Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds

Unit 22: Bears

Unit 23: Clever Animals

Unit 24: More Lessons to Learn

Unit 25: More Poetry

Unit 26: What's In a Name

Unit 27: Weather Poems

Unit 28: Choice #3

Unit 29: Westward Expansion

Unit 30: Travel Poems

Unit 31: Choice #4

Unit 32: Going to the Dogs

Unit 33: Checkpoint

Writing Skills

Unit 1: Complete Sentences

Unit 2: Write Sentences

Unit 3: Kinds of Sentences

Unit 4: Write Different Types of Sentences

Unit 5: Nouns

Unit 6: Write Steps

Unit 7: Verbs

Unit 8: Sequence Events

Unit 9: Capitalization and Punctuation in a Letter

Unit 10: Write Friendly Letters

Unit 11: Singular and Plural Nouns

Unit 12: Write Thank You Notes

Unit 13: Subjects and Verbs

Unit 14: Write a Paragraph

Unit 15: Pronouns

Unit 16: Complete and Revise a Paragraph

Unit 17: Review and Checkpoint

Unit 18: Polish and Publish a Paragraph

Unit 19: Adjectives

Unit 20: Write Descriptively

Unit 21: Adverbs

Unit 22: Write Poetry

Unit 23: Verb Tense

Unit 24: Write an Experience Story

Unit 25: Quotations

Unit 26: Revise and Publish an Experience Story

Unit 27: Possessive Nouns

Unit 28: Write about Literature

Unit 29: Names, Initials, and Titles

Unit 30: Make a Presentation

Unit 31: Commas and Apostrophes

Unit 32: Research Skills

Unit 33: More Capital Letters

Unit 34: Write About Information

Unit 35: Review and Checkpoint

Unit 36: Revise and Publish Your Work




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