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3rd Grade History Online-Full Year

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Third graders explore the world around them through the lens of diverse social studies concepts and topics. Students apply their knowledge of basic map skills to identify the purpose of various maps and interpret how people adapt and change their environment to adjust to different climates and natural resources. Students then investigate the regions of the country, studying their physical and human features, history, and culture. They describe how culture changes and adapts to meet human needs as they explore cultures around the world and in their communities. Students learn about the founding documents and principles of America’s government to see how state, local, tribal, and national governments operate. They learn that citizens have rights, responsibilities, and civic duties. Students investigate the relationship between humans and their environment to learn ways they can make a difference in their communities. They survey various public issues then choose one to research and propose solutions. Students expand their understanding of basic principles of economics and the importance of savings and budgeting for personal financial health.

Materials required to complete this course are in digital format. 

  1. Where Do We Go from Here?
  2. Background to the Renaissance
  3. The Italian Renaissance
  4. The Renaissance Elsewhere and the Reformation
  5. Moving from One World to Another
  6. The Age of Exploration
  7. The World They Found
  8. Looking East: Ottomans and Mughals
  9. Africa, China, and Japan
  10. England's Golden Age and Beyond
  11. The America They Found and Founded
  12. The American Revolution
  13. America: Present to Past

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