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3rd Grade History Online-Full Year

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In this course, third graders practice important social studies skills while learning about the United States. They begin by discovering ways that maps can help us better understand the impact of geography on people and settlements over time. A tour across the United States highlights different features and landmarks across the nation. Then, a study of cultures, including worldwide and on a community level, helps students understand the American identity and how groups change over time. Focusing on American government the course introduces important concepts such as founding documents, federalism, and the functions of government at each level. A discussion of the importance of voting transitions to the next unit where students consider the meaning of citizenship and how people uphold their civic duties. Next, after studying the relationship between humans and the environment, students identify a public issue and complete a research-based report encouraging change. The final units introduce basic economic concepts concerning the American economy and important concepts of money and personal finance to help guide future economic decision-making.

Materials required to complete this course are in digital format. 

Unit 1: Where We Live
• Maps Have a Purpose
• Directions and Hemispheres
• The Places We Live
• Climate: Adapting to Where We Live
• Landforms: Adapting to Where We Live
• Natural Resources: Adapting to Where We Live
• Migration Changes the World
• Environments and Settlements

Unit 2: Our Country
• Welcome to the United States
• American Landmarks
• The West Region
• The Southwest Region
• The Midwest Region
• The Southeast Region
• The Northeast Region
• The Five U.S. Regions

Unit 3: Cultural Traditions
• Culture Around the World
• Cultures Around Us
• The American Mosaic
• American Celebrations and Symbols
• Culture Characteristics
• Communities and Culture
• Cultural Changes
• Cultural Timelines

Unit 4: American Government
• The Constitution and Declaration of Independence
• Branches of Government
• The Structure of Government
• State Government
• Tribal Governments
• Functions of Government
• Local Government
• The Importance of Voting

Unit 5: Citizenship
• Rights and Responsibilities
• Community Participation
• Being a Good Citizen
• Citizenship in the Community
• Local, State, and Regional Leaders
• Understanding Civic Issues
• Understanding Taxes
• Ruby Bridges and the Civil Rights Movement

Unit 6: Making a Difference
• Humans and the Environment, Part 1
• Humans and the Environment, Part 2
• What Is a Public Issue?
• Searching for Solutions, Part 1
• Searching for Solutions, Part 2
• Considering Your Sources
• Drafting an Argument
• Making the Change

Unit 7: Understanding the Economy
• The American Economy
• Resources: Natural, Human, and Capital
• Specialization and Interdependence
• Scarcity and Choice
• Supply and Demand
• Goods and Services
• Imports and Exports
• Transportation and Communication

Unit 8: Money and Personal Finance
• Characteristics of Money
• Money and Me
• Buyers and Sellers
• Benefits and Costs
• Saving Money
• What Are Budgets?
• Changing Economies
• Have a Lemonade Stand

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