3rd Grade Physical Education-Full Year

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Students explore a multitude of fitness activities through online reading, animations demonstrating fitness skills, and hands-on practice. Lessons emphasize proper form and execution of skills, rules of games, good sportsmanship, and an understanding of all that goes into the term “physical fitness.” Students exercise daily with workouts tailored to coordinate with the topics they are reading and learning about in the online component of the course. Workouts include creative and fun warmups, focus activities, and cooldowns, which students log and submit to their teacher. Students solidify the learning process by explaining what they have learned in writing. Topics include

· Components of Fitness – muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular health

· Fitness and Health – nutrition, heart rate, stress management

· Safety – equipment, weather safety, proper warmups, rules of the road

· Team Sports – basketball, football, soccer, kickball, and volleyball

· Individual Activities – yoga, gymnastics

· Rhythm – understanding rhythm, dance moves, choreography

· Character – good sportsmanship, perseverance, inclusive activities

Materials required to complete this course are in digital format.

· Be Active, Stay Safe!

· What About the Weather?

· Warm Up, Cool Down

· Let's Try Yoga!

· Moving Here, There, and Everywhere

· Jogging, Running, and Leaping…Oh My!

· Muscular Strength and Endurance

· Challenge Yourself!

· Fitness Is Intense!

· Fitness Check 1

· Food as Fuel

· Healthy Lifting

· Rhythm Is the Beat

· Dancing for Health

· Balance Matters

· Gymnastics Fun

· A Strong and Healthy Heart

· Aerobic or Anaerobic?

· Practice Makes Perfect

· Fitness Check 2

· Get Skilled in Basketball

· Let's Play Basketball!

· Get Skilled in Football

· Let's Play Football!

· Get Skilled in Soccer

· Let's Play Soccer!

· Let's Play Kickball!

· Get Skilled in Volleyball

· Let's Play Volleyball!

· Make Your Own Game!

· More Yoga!

· Rolling Into Fitness

· Dancing for Fun

· Fitness in Your Neighborhood

· We Are Different!

· Final Fitness Check!

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