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4th Grade History Online-Full Year

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Fourth graders investigate the geography, history, economics, and civics of the United States. Students begin their study of geography by learning how to read and interpret different types of maps. They use maps to explore the five regions of the United States, as well as neighboring countries to the north and south. Students learn about the nation’s natural landmarks and landforms, weather and climate, plant life, and wildlife. They learn about capitals cities, urban and rural areas, business and industry, recreational and historical sites, and the importance of preserving the environment. Using primary and secondary sources they explore historical events and perspectives in American history. While students learn about cultural exchanges, settlement patterns, and migrations as the country changed over time, they begin to analyze historical events in terms of cause and effect to better understand the past. Students use research skills to learn about their state and share those findings with others. Students study basic economic concepts, financial choices, taxes, banking, and investing. They also explore federal, state, and local government and learn how America’s founding documents established government by the people. They learn about citizenship rights and responsibilities, limits to rights, and how citizen address modern-day issues in their communities and nation.

Materials required to complete this course are in digital format. 

  1. Finding Your Way Around the World
  2. Introducing the Modern World: The Scientific Revolution
  3. Two Democratic Revolutions
  4. Latin American Revolutions
  5. The Industrial Revolution
  6. The Growth of Nations
  7. The Age of Imperialism
  8. Can Do! An Age of Breakthroughs and Enterprise
  9. Mostly Hard Times: War, the Roaring 20s, and Depression
  10. World War II
  11. Rebuilding a Better World

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