4th Grade Math Online-Full Year

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Math 4 is designed to support true depth of knowledge required by today’s standards. With rich content to form conceptual understanding and enough practice to support mastery, including time built-in for individualized independent practice, games, and offline practice, Math 4 includes the tools and technology that students need to succeed in a blended learning environment.  Math 4 focuses on expanding understanding of operations with whole numbers, developing a greater understanding of fractions, discovering decimals and their relationship to fractions, and exploring geometric figures.

Unit 1: Whole Number Sense
Unit 2: Multiplication with Fractions
Unit 3: Equivalent Fractions and Comparison
Unit 4: Angles and Their Measurement
Unit 5: Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Unit 6: Multiplication by a 1-Digit Number
Unit 7: Multiplication of Two 2-Digit Numbers

Unit 8: Mid-Year Test

Unit 9: Division by a 1-Digit Divisor Without Remainders
Unit 10: Division by a 1-Digit Divisor With Remainders
Unit 11: Decimal Notation
Unit 12: Measurement Units
Unit 13: Problem Solving Involving Measurements
Unit 14: Operations with Larger Numbers
Unit 15: Geometric Relationships
Unit 16: End-of-Year Project

Unit 17: End-of-Year Test

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