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5th Grade American History Online-Full Year

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Fifth graders investigate the roots of American history, beginning with the prehistoric people who settled North America and where. They follow the journeys of the early European explorers who sought to claim lands for their countries. Next is a look at the founding of the 13 original colonies, where and why they were formed, and conflicts with native peoples. They follow the expansion of the colonies, the beginnings of slavery, and the conflict of the French and Indian War. Next is a study of the causes, context, and participants in the Revolutionary War, as well as its resolution. Students then delve into the development of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. They explore the main ideas and structure of the Constitution and how it orders the government. They study the Bill of Rights and landmark Supreme Court cases. Finally, students examine government at the state and local levels. They identify the path to citizenship and the qualities and responsibilities of a good citizen. Students finish the course by researching a topic and writing a persuasive essay.

Materials required to complete this course are in digital format.

Unit 1: The Earliest Americans

Unit 2: European Exploration

Unit 3: Thirteen Colonies, Part 1

Unit 4: Thirteen Colonies, Part 2

Unit 5: Road to Revolution

Unit 6: The American Revolution

Unit 7: The Fighting Ground

Unit 8: The Constitution

Unit 9: A New Nation

Unit 10: A New Age and New Industries

Unit 12: Citizenship and Economics

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