5th Grade American History Online-Full Year

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Students in Early American History 5 ED explore United States history, geography, economics, and government. This is done by focusing on the influence of physical and cultural characteristics on national origins, growth, and development up to the year 1800. Students study Indigenous cultures, European exploration, colonization, settlement, the American Revolution, the founding of the Republic, and the early years of the United States. Students learn about citizenship and the major components of the government as outlined in the United States Constitution. The course emphasizes critical thinking skills, including questioning, examining fact and opinion, analyzing and evaluating sources of information, contrasting and comparing using primary and secondary sources, and conducting research using a variety of resources. Additional social studies skills are integrated in the lessons including reading and analyzing maps, creating and interpreting charts and graphs, identifying relationships, engaging in debate, writing a persuasive essay, and developing thinking and independent study skills.

This course requires the following household materials:

· composition book, notebook, or binder with loose-leaf paper to use as a History Journal

· crayons, markers, or colored pencils


Unit 1: The Earliest Americans
Unit 2: European Exploration
Unit 3: Thirteen Colonies, Part 1
Unit 4: Thirteen Colonies, Part 2
Unit 5: The American Revolution
Unit 6: A New Nation
Unit 7: You Can Change History!


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