6th Grade Earth Science Online

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The Earth Science curriculum builds on the natural curiosity of students. By connecting them to the beauty of geological history, the amazing landforms around the globe, the nature of the sea and air, and the newest discoveries about our universe, the curriculum gives students an opportunity to relate to their everyday world. Students will explore topics such as the fundamentals of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy; Earth’s minerals and rocks; Earth’s interior; plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the movements of continents; geology and the fossil record; the oceans and the atmosphere; and the solar system and the universe. Lesson assignments help students discover how scientists investigate the science of our planet.


Module 1: Earth’s Surface

         Introduction to Earth Science

         Spheres of the Earth

         Which Sphere

         Mapping the Earth

         Map Earth's Physical Features

         Topo Challenge


         Mapping Mystery Island


         Weathering in Action

         Erosion Part 1

         Erosion Part 2

         Soils of the Earth

         Working with Scientific Data

         Soil Profiles


Module 2: Rocks and Minerals

         Rocks and Minerals

         Minerals and Crystals Part 1

         Minerals and Crystals Part 2

         Mineral Classification Part 1

         Mineral Classification Part 2

         Mineral Identification


         Igneous Rocks

         Igneous Rocks Presentation

         Sedimentary Rocks

         Sedimentary Rocks Presentation

         Metamorphic Rocks

         Metamorphic Rocks Presentation

         The Rock Cycle

         Rock and Roll Cycle


Module 3: Geologic History

         Geologic History Steno's Principles

         Fossil Succession

         Linking Past and Present

         Rates of Geologic Processes

         Records in Rocks

         Rock Record


         Environments of Long Ago

         Index Fossils

         Rock Layers and Index Fossils

         American Geologic Tour Part 1

         American Geologic Tour Part 2

         Earth's Age

         Determining Half-life

         Journey Through Geologic Time

Module 4: Plate Tectonics

         Plate Tectonics

         Earth's Interior

         Mapping Earth's Interior

         Continental Drift


         Seafloor Geography

         Mapping the Ocean Floor

         Seafloor Spreading

         Calculating Seafloor Spreading

         Moving Plates

         Earth's Plates

         Energy of Convection

         Sources of Plate Motion

         Plate Boundaries Part 1

         Plate Boundaries Part 2

         Plates and Structural Geography

Module 5: Forces Shaping Earth’s Surface

         Forces Shaping Earth's Surface



         Folding and Faulting

         Too Much Stress


         Locating the Epicenter

         100 Years of Earthquakes Using Seismographs



         Floods and Landslides



         Natural Disaster Research


Module 6: Lab Appendix

         Lab: Desertification

         Lab: Mineral Identification

         Lab: Rock Cycle

         Lab: Index Fossils and Paleoenvironments

         Lab: Plate Boundaries and Structural Geography

         Lab: Using Seismographs


Module 7: Weather and Climate

         Weather and Climate Layers of the Atmosphere

         Three Kinds of Heat Transfer

         Daily Weather

         Air Circulation

         Isobars and Weather Maps

         Air Masses

         Weather Fronts


         Forecast like a Meteorologist

         Weather vs. Climate

         Climate around the World

         Factors Affecting Climate

         Home Sweet Biome

         Global Warming

         Researching Global Warming

Module 8: Water and Oceans

         Water and Oceans

         Water Cycle Part 1

         Water Cycle Part 2

         Ocean Water Part 1

         Ocean Water Part 2

         Surface Currents

         Wind and Ocean Current Pattern

         Deep Water Currents

         Ocean Waves Part 1

         Ocean Waves Part 2

         Ocean Tides

         Tidal Power

         Building a Tidal Power Plant

         Earth's Fresh Water

         Dams and Hydroelectric Power

         Power from Water

Module 9: Energy and Earth's Resources

         Energy and Earth's Resources

         Fossil Fuels Part 1

         Fossil Fuels Part 2

         Environmental Effects Part 1

         Environmental Effects Part 2

         Energy for the Future

         Nuclear Power

         Alternative Sources Part 1

         Alternative Sources Part 2

         Water Power

         Wind Power

         Solar Power

         Research Renewable Energy

         Resource Management

         Conserving and Recycling

Module 10: Universe and the Solar System

         Universe and the Solar System

         Origin of the Universe

         The Solar System Part 1

         The Solar System Part 2

         Was the Earth Ever Really Flat


         A Galaxy Far, Far Away

         Gravitational Forces Part 1

         Gravitational Forces Part 2

         Rotation and Revolution

         The Inner Planets

         Inner Planet Presentation

         The Outer Planets

         Outer Planet Presentation

         Earth's Seasons

         Astronaut Training Part 1

Module 11: Beyond Earth

         Beyond Earth

         Asteroids and Comets

         Famous Craters

         The Moon Part 1

         The Moon Part 2

         Moon Phases

         Phases of the Moon


         Unmanned Space Exploration

         Unmanned Exploration Timeline

         Manned Space Exploration Part 1

         Manned Space Exploration Part 2

         Manned Exploration Timeline

         Future of Space Exploration

         Astronaut Training Part 2


Module 12: Lab Appendix

         Lab: Working with Weather

         Lab: Global Warming

         Lab: Power from Tides

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