6th Grade Math Online

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In our Grade 6 mathematics course, students deepen their understanding of multiplication and division of fractions to apply their knowledge to divide fractions by fractions, with an additional focus on increasing efficiency and fluency. Students gain a foundation in the concepts of ratio and rate as an extension of their work with whole number multiplication and division, and in preparation for work with proportional relationships in Grade 7. Students also make connections among area, volume, and surface area, and continue to lay the groundwork for deep algebraic understanding by interpreting and using expressions and equations.

When enrolling in the full year option of this course it will be delivered in two semesters. Transcripts will reflect each semester separately

•           Unit 1: Number Properties

•           Unit 2: Fractions and Decimals

•           Unit 3: Rational Numbers

•           Unit 4: Expressions

•           Unit 5: Equations

•           Unit 6: Equations and Inequalities

•           Unit 7: Ratios and Rates

•           Unit 8: Percents

•           Unit 9: Area

•           Unit 10: Surface Area and Volume

•           Unit 11: Statistical Graphs

•           Unit 12: Data Distribution

•           Unit 13: Project: Data, Data Everywhere

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