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This course continues the development of comprehension and analysis of informational and fictional texts with an ongoing emphasis on reading strategies. Students express themselves using standard (formal) English in written and oral presentations. Analyzing and practicing the form and structure of various genres of writing enhances students’ communication skills. Students study a variety of media to understand informational and persuasive techniques, explicit and implied messages, and how visual and auditory cues affect messages. Grammar, usage, and mechanics skills are deepened. Students continue to widen their vocabulary and apply acquisition strategies. The course includes discussion activities that engage students in the curriculum while creating a sense of community.

Prerequisites-Language Arts 6 (or equivalent)

Language Arts Grade 6 or equivalent


The Hobbit (ISBN: 9780345339683)-Required for Part 1
Julius Caesar (Shakespeare for Young People) (ISBN: 9780767508292)-Required for Part 2


Unit 1: Reading and Writing for Life

·         The Benefits of Reading and Writing Extend Beyond the Classroom (A)

·         The Benefits of Reading and Writing Extend Beyond the Classroom (B)

·         "The Three Brass Pennies"

·         "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

·         "Raccoon Olympics"

·         "Sympathy"

·         "The Story-Teller" (A)

·         "The Story-Teller" (B)

·         "The Story-Teller" (C)

·         All Kinds of Texts

·         Model Argument Essay

·         Characteristics of Argument Essays

·         Writing Strategies

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