7th Grade Math Online

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In the Math 7 course, students focus on real-word scenarios and mathematical problems involving algebraic expressions and linear equations and begin to apply their understanding of rational numbers with increased complexity. The course lays the foundation for exploring concepts of angle, similarity and congruence, more formally addressed in Grade 8, as students work with scale drawings and construct and analyze relationships among geometric figures. Students also develop and apply understandings of proportional relationships. MTH06: Summit Math 6 or equivalent


         Unit 1:Expressions and Problem Solving

         Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

         Unit 3: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

         Unit 4: Problem Solving with Rational Numbers

         Unit 5: Ratios, Rates, and Percents

         Unit 6: Proportional Relationships


         Unit 1: Expressions and Equations

         Unit 2: Two-Dimensional Geometry

         Unit 3: Three-Dimensional Geometry

         Unit 4: Statistics

         Unit 5: Probability



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