8th Grade Health Online

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The grade 8 health course helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions to stay active, safe, and informed as teenagers and as adults. The lessons and activities introduce important aspects of the main types of health: emotional and mental health, social health and wellness, and physical health. Among other topics, students explore nutrition, understanding and avoiding disease, violence prevention and safety, body systems, and building character through maintaining healthy relationships. They also explore topics related to the use and abuse of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol; green schools and environmental health; dating, abstinence, and human sexuality; and mental and emotional health and disorders. The course engages students with relevant health and wellness topics, and real-world concepts and health issues. Quizzes and tests assess student understanding of the various health topics and concepts from the course.


Glencoe Teen Health 2014

Unit 1: Health Skills Handbook

Unit 2: Building Healthy Relationships

Unit 3: Dating Relationships and Abstinence

Unit 4: Building Character

Unit 5: Bullying and Cyberbullying

Unit 6: Your Mental and Emotional Health

Unit 7: Mental and Emotional Disorders

Unit 8: Conflict Resolution

Unit 9: Violence Prevention

Unit 10: Nutrition

Unit 11: Physical Activity

Unit 12: The Life Cycle

Unit 13: Personal Health Care

Unit 14: Body Systems

Unit 15: Tobacco

Unit 16: Alcohol

Unit 17: Drugs

Unit 18: Using Medicines Wisely

Unit 19: Communicable Diseases

Unit 20: Noncommunicable Diseases

Unit 21: Safety

Unit 22: Green School and Environmental Health

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