8th Grade Language Arts Online

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Throughout this course, students engage in literary analysis and close reading of short stories, poetry, drama, novels, and informational texts. The course focuses on interpretation of literary works, analysis of informational texts, and the development of oral and written communication skills in standard (formal) English. Students read "between the lines" to interpret literature and go beyond the text to discover how the culture in which a work of literature was created contributes to the theme and ideas it conveys. Analysis of the structure and elements of informational texts and media helps students develop the skills needed for academic success and navigating the world. Students continue to acquire knowledge and skills in grammar, usage, mechanics, and vocabulary. Setting goals, self-monitoring progress, and reflecting on successes and challenges help students become metacognitive learners. The course includes discussion activities that engage students in the curriculum while creating a sense of community.

When enrolling in the full year option of this course it will be delivered in two semesters. Transcripts will reflect each semester separately

Semester 1


Module 1: Life Stories

Life Stories

A Test of Courage

A New World


Find Your Own Voice

A Writer's View

Your Memoir's Topic

Writing Dialogue

Show; Don't Just Tell

Polish Your Memoir

The Story of a Life

Growing Up a Slave

The Horrors of Slavery

A Lack of Humanity

A Turning Point

Differing Perspectives

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 2: Voices and Viewpoints

Voices and Viewpoints

Defining Oneself

Walls: Real and Symbolic

Poetic Forms

Rhetorical Devices

Influencing Viewpoints

A Powerful Dream

Planning a Speech

Gather the Evidence

Organize and Outline

Get Ready to Speak!

Deliver Your Speech

The Influence of Media

Creating a Viewpoint

Each of Us Has a Voice

Present a Viewpoint

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 3: Perspectives in History

Perspectives in History

Multiple Personalities

Fear and Uncertainty

Family Ties

Growing Up

New Experiences

Danger Breaks In

Hope for the Future

No Longer a Little Girl

Compare and Contrast

After the Capture             

Fleeing Germany 

War Comes to the U.S.

Fear and Prejudice

Aspects of World War II


Module Review

Module Exam


Module 4: Story Time

Story Time

Literature Study

The Courage of Conviction

Man versus Nature

Different Approaches

A Life of Adventure?

The Importance of Belief

The Writer's Craft

Creating Horror

Everyone Likes a Lottery

Two Ways of Seeing

A Difficult Choice

Your Own Short Story

Details and Dialogue

Draft a Story

The Final Product

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 5: The Source of Information

The Source of Information

Follow the Procedure

Choose a Procedure

Get it Together

Create a Procedure

Show and Tell

The Final Touches

Technical Texts

A Serious Problem

Tricky Business


Technical Writing

Writing Workshop

Expository Texts

It’s All in How You Say It

Business Letter

Module Review

Module Exam


Semester 2


Module 1: The Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry

The Test of Time

Passionate Language

Do or Die

Ravages of War

You Are the Poet

Daring and Dauntless


Love Lost


A Narrative Poem

Writing About Theme

Choose Your Poem

Draft Your Analysis

Voice and Tone

Create the Final Product

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 2: Purposeful Persuasion

Purposeful Persuasion

Global Issues

Persuasive Media

More Persuasive Media

Creative Genius

The Great Debate

What’s in a Speech?

What Is an Argument?

Choose a Topic

Gather More Information

Conduct an Interview

Rhetorical and Logical Fallacies

Planning and Organizing

Draft It

Revise and Finalize

Oral Presentation

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 3: What a Character

What a Character


The Conflict Begins

The Beast

Order Breaks Down



The Bitter End

How Did We Get Here?

Literary Essay

Unity and Coherence

Character Study

Gather Support

Organization Is Key

Bring It to a Close

The Final Version

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 4: Timeless Literature

Timeless Literature

Law of the Gods

Stormy Times

Father and Son


The Turning Point

The Structure of Drama

Compare Plays

Choose a Research Topic

Find What You Need

Gathering Information

Organizing Information

Write It Down

Come to a Conclusion

The Final Touches

Present Your Findings

Module Review

Module Exam


Module 5: Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life







Descriptive Language

Where Will You Describe?

Descriptive Essay

World Myths

Afterlife Myths

Timelessness of Mythology

Prepare to Write

Drafting the Essay

Mythology in Literature Essay

Module Review

Module Exam

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