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The AP Statistics course introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and
drawing conclusions from data. There are four themes evident in the content, skills, and assessment in the AP
Statistics course: exploring data, sampling and experimentation, probability and simulation, and statistical
inference. Students use technology, investigations, problem solving, and writing as they build conceptual
understanding. The AP Statistics course is equivalent to a one-semester, introductory, non-calculus-based
college course in statistics. The AP Statistics course is an excellent option for any secondary school student who
has successfully completed a second-year course in algebra and who possesses sufficient mathematical maturity
and quantitative reasoning ability. Because second-year algebra is the prerequisite course, AP Statistics is
usually in either the junior or senior year. Decisions about whether to take AP Statistics and when to take it
depend on a student’s plans



Semester 1
Unit 1: Describing Date
Unit 2: The Normal Distribution
Unit 3: Bivariate Data
Unit 4: Planning a Study
Unit 5: Probability
Unit 6: Binomials and Distributions

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