Algebra 1 Online Credit Recovery

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The Algebra 1 Credit Recovery course leads students from their proficiency and understanding of numbers and operations into the mathematics of algebraic thinking. Building on pre-algebra skills developed in middle school, students deepen their understanding of linear expressions and equations, linear inequalities, and coordinate graphing. They then explore and learn about the function concept, radical expressions, exponential expressions and functions, quadratic functions, systems of equations, factoring and roots of equations, and basic statistical analysis.

Semester 1
Unit 1: Expressions and Problem Solving
Unit 2: One-Variable Linear Equations
Unit 3: One-Variable Linear Inequalities
Unit 4: Two-Variable Linear Equations
Unit 5: Two-Variable Linear Inequalities
Unit 6: Introduction to Functions
Unit 7: Special Functions
Unit 8: Radical Expressions
Unit 9: Exponential Equations
Unit 10: Exponential Functions
Unit 11: Sequences

Semester 2
Unit 1: Graphing Systems of Equations
Unit 2: Solving Systems of Equations Algebraically
Unit 3: Polynomials
Unit 4: Factoring and Roots
Unit 5: Quadratic Equations
Unit 6: Quadratic Functions
Unit 7: Linear-Quadratic Systems
Unit 8: Univariate Data
Unit 9: Bivariate Data

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