Algebra 2 Grades 10-12 Print Credit Recovery

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A review of important algebraic properties and skills. Some topics include basic terminology, properties of signed numbers, manipulation of algebraic expressions, solutions of linear equations, and solving with the quadratic formula.

Course Objectives

This study material is designed to provide students with a concise review of Algebra II. After reading the text and completing the exercises in this Study Guide, you will be able to:


·         Solve real-world problems by writing and solving algebraic, quadratic, and exponential functions and determining constraints on the variables.

·         Solve and interpret equations and functions including equations with radical, exponential, and rational expressions.

·         Solve systems of linear and non-linear equations and linear inequalities.

·         Graph linear equations and polynomial functions and other complex functions identifying and interpreting their key features.

·         Compute with complex numbers.

·         Solve quadratic equations with both simple and complex solutions.

·         Use properties of exponents to interpret expressions.

·         Compare the properties of simple and complex functions.

Course Outline

Everything you need to complete this course is included in this Study Guide. There is no additional textbook for this course. The study material in this program is designed to provide you with a concise review of Algebra II. You will have the opportunity to review important algebraic properties and skills, terminology, manipulation of algebraic equations, functions, and systems of equations and inequalities, graphing equations, and problem solving with quadratic expressions.


Your program is divided into 6 areas of study each area containing several lessons. These areas of study are:


Section I: Interpret Equations and Inequalities

Section II: Equations and Systems

Section III: Polynomials and Complex Numbers

Section IV: Quadratic and Exponential Functions

Section V: Other Complex Functions

Section VI: Review (comprehensive review of all previous sections)

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