Algebra 2 Online Credit Recovery

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The Algebra 2 Credit Recovery course builds on the mathematical proficiency and reasoning skills developed in Algebra 1 and Geometry to lead students into advanced algebraic work. The course emphasizes the concept of functions throughout. Sandwiched between short forays into probability and statistics is a thorough treatment of linear, quadratic, higher-degree polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, with emphasis on analysis, problem solving, and graphing. Toward the end of the course, an introduction to sequences and series is presented in preparation for future work in mathematics.

Semester 1
Unit 1: Probability Distributions
Unit 2: Data Gathering and Analysis
Unit 3: Systems of Linear Equations
Unit 4: Systems of Linear Inequalities
Unit 5: Radical Expressions
Unit 6: Complex Numbers
Unit 7: Polynomials and Factoring
Unit 8: Solving Polynomial Equations
Unit 9: Polynomial Functions
Unit 10: Rational Expressions

Semester 2
Unit 1: Exponential Functions
Unit 2: Logarithms
Unit 3: Basics of Trigonometry
Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions and Identities
Unit 5: Graphs of Sinusoidal Functions
Unit 6: More Function Types
Unit 7: Linear-Quadratic Systems
Unit 8: Sequences
Unit 9: Series
Unit 10: Counting and Probability

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