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The American Government course will expose students to a vast amount of information on what defines America, and who America is as a nation. Starting at the very roots and foundation of democracy students will explore the founding fathers and their task of creating the republic. Students will also dive into other forms of government and how America's government operates today. By the end of this course, student will be able to become a more active and informed citizen, along with making educated political decisions.

Students will be provided with Magruders American Government

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

1. Identify the foundations of America’s government and its history.

2. Understand the three branches of America’s government and the system of checks and balances.

3. Analyze the Constitution and know the Bill of Rights along with essential Amendments for Americans.

4. Discover the roots of democracy and their role in America’s government.

5. Investigate the essential documents to America’s government.

Course Outline

Part 1 (First Semester)

  1. Role of Government
    1. Foundations of Government and Citizenship
    2. The Beginnings of American Government
    3. The Constitution
    4. Federalism
  2. The Legislative and Executive Branches
    1. The Legislative Branch
    2. The Executive Branch
    3. The Presidency and Vice Presidency
    4. Executive Branch at Work
  3. The Judicial Branch
    1. The Lower Courts
    2. The Supreme Court
    3. The U.S. Legal System
    4. Protecting Civil Liberties

Part 2 (Second Semester)

  1. Citizenship and Civil Rights
    1. American Citizenship
    2. Assuring Individual Rights
    3. Protecting Civil Rights
    4. Government by the People
    5. Voting Rights
  2. The U.S. Political System
    1. Elections
    2. Political Parties
    3. The Electoral Process
    4. Government and the Economy
    5. Types of Economic Systems
    6. Capitalism in the United States
    7. What is Communism?
    8. Political and Economic Systems around the Globe
  3. The State and Local Government
    1. State Constitutions and Legislatures
    2. State Courts
    3. State Governments
    4. County Governments
    5. Comparative Political Systems

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