American History Grades 10-12 Print Credit Recovery

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The study material in this program is designed to help you develop a basic understanding of American history, from colonial days to modern times. You will explore many different topics in your study of American history, including the events of the American Revolution, industrialization, and the causes and effects of the Civil War. You will also explore how events in early U.S. history had an impact on more recent ones.

Course Objectives

After completing the exercises found in the Study Guide, you will be able to:

·     Recall American colonial history, including the French and Indian War, and how that history led to the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence.

·     Identify key events during the American Revolution and the terms of the treaty of Paris.

·     Identify weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and how they resulted in the writing of the U.S. Constitution.

·     Describe early industrialization of the United States, improvements in transportation, and important inventions and their consequences.

·     Contrast the South and the North.

·     Contrast the East and the West.

·     Explain why western expansion increased tensions over slavery.

·     Explain what attracted immigrants to the United States in the mid-1800s.

·     Describe the causes and results of westward migrations.

·     Describe the outbreak of the Civil War, key participants in the war, and the major battles and campaigns of the war.

·     Identify the events that brought about the end of the Civil War.

·     Identify African American gains during Reconstruction and the reasons that Reconstruction ended.

·     Identify the three Reconstruction amendments.

·     Summarize industrialism and railroad building in the late 1800s.

·     Describe the goals and achievements of the Progressive and labor movements.

·     Analyze the causes of World War I and how World War I differed from earlier wars.

·     Identify the U.S. contribution to World War I.

·     Analyze the U.S. economy of the 1920s.

·     Identify major features of the New Deal.

·     Explain the causes of World War II and how the United States became involved.

·     Identify major events in World War II and how it came to an end.

·     Recall the Civil Rights movement.

·     Identify the reasons for population changes in the United States.

·     Explain how technology and globalization have affected the U.S. economy.

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