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Anatomy and Physiology introduces the students to the major body systems and how they work together to maintain homeostasis (balance) in the human body. Each section includes a description of the organ structures and underlying tissues and cells in the system, the disorders and diseases associated with each, as well as how they work together to perform a common function.

Students will be provided with Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Course Objectives

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

 Identify the major structures of the body systems.

  1. Explain how each body system helps maintain homeostasis.
  2. Relate the structure and function of the organs in the body systems.
  3. Describe how certain disorders and diseases affect the body systems.

Semester 1                                                                                     

Lesson 1

Foundations of the Human Anatomy and Physiology           

Cells and Tissues                                                                           

Membranes and the Integumentary System                                     

Lesson 2

The Skeletal System                                                                                  

The Muscular System                                                                                

The Nervous System                                                                                  

Lesson 3

The Sensory Systems                                                                                                         

The Endocrine System                                                                   


Semester 2                                                                                                                        

Lesson 4

The Respiratory System                                                                 

The Blood                                                                                     

The Cardiovascular System                                                

Lesson 5

The Lymphatic and Immune System                                   

The Digestive System and Nutrition                                               

Lesson 6

The Urinary System                                                                       

The Male and Female Reproductive Systems           

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