Anthropology Online Single Semester

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What makes us human? Is it our ability to use language, tools, or technology? Trace the history of Homo sapiens and explore our evolutionary trail through an anthropologic lens to observe our movement from cave dwellers to modern humans. Learn how we forged our way and developed all the things that make us humans, such as our cultures, languages, and religions.

Unit 1: Studying Humans: What Anthropologists Do
•    Anthropology Defined
•    Anthropology and Modern Society
•    The Diversity of Anthropology: Focusing on Culture
•    The Diversity of Anthropology: Bones and Tools
•    Anthropology Today

Unit 2: Human Evolution: How We Got Here
•    The Science Behind Evolution
•    Forming the Theory of Evolution
•    Evolution and Homo Sapiens
•    Recent Steps in Human Evolution
•    Human Classification
•    Human Traits

Unit 3: Looking at Culture in Context
•    Valuing Different Cultures
•    The Origins of Culture
•    Looking at Culture in Context
•    Learning Your Culture: Enculturation and Socialization
•    Socialization and Technology

Unit 4: Culture and Language: Why Humans Are Special
•    The Universals of Culture
•    Material and Social Culture
•    Ideological Culture
•    Communication: It’s Not Just Words!
•    The Evolution of Language

Unit 5: Environment and Culture
•    The Geography of Culture
•    How Populations Change
•    Culture and Health
•    Interlocking Systems
•    Ethnicity and Race

Unit 6: Material Culture: How Humans Are Handy
• It’s a Material World
• Material Culture
• Digging Deep into Our Past
• But What Does It All Mean?
• Tomb Raider or Archeologist? 

Unit 7: Religion: What We Believe
•    The Information Religion Holds
•    Religion and Culture
•    Magic and the Supernatural
•    Religion and Values
•    Religions in the Margins of Society

Unit 8: Family Ties and Social Bonds: What Keeps Us Together
•    We Are Family
•    What Makes a Home a Household?
•    Family Kinship
•    Families as Social Groups
•    Group Membership and Government

Unit 9: Information and Enculturation
•    Untangling All of Society’s Layers
•    How Enculturation Happens
•    Where Do You Get Your News?
•    Time Changes All Things
•    Changes from the Outside, Changes from Within
•    Enculturation Across National Borders

Unit 10: Anthropology in Current Cultures
•    Sign of the Times
•    Genocide
•    The Impact of World War II
•    The End of Colonialism?
•    Democracy Today
•    Contemporary Problems

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