Biology Grades 10-12 Print Credit Recovery

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Biology is the study of life. It is important to understand the basics of biology in order to understand our own bodies as well as the world around us. This course offers a concise review of Biology topics including the characteristics of life, cell structure, biochemical processes, homeostasis, reproduction and development, evolution, the environment, and more.

Course Objectives

This study material is designed to provide students with a concise review of biology and our living world. After reading the text and completing the exercises found in the Study Guide, you will be able to:

·         identify the characteristics of life;

·         name the parts and functions of the cell

·         explain the biochemical processes of living organisms;

·         describe the genetic code and how traits are passed from one generation to the next

·         list the rules of reproduction for living things

·         explain the theory of evolution

·         describe the principals of ecology

·         identify the impacts of humans on the environment

·         explain the philosophy and practice of science

·         design a scientific study

·         work safely in a laboratory setting

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