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The fusion of biology and technology creates an amazing process and offers humanity a chance to significantly improve our existence, while simultaneously creating new challenges. In Biotechnology 1b:
Unlocking Nature’s Secrets, you’ll build on your knowledge from  Biotechnology: Introduction and learn how this field seeks to cure such deadly diseases as cancer and malaria, develop innovative medicine, and effectively feed the world through improved agricultural systems. Learn about some of the challenges biotechnology faces today, such as the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria and questions about the safety of commercially produced genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You’ll research new biotechnologies and learn how they are changing the world we live in, including the environmental benefits of industrial biotechnology.

Unit 1: The Discovery of Antibiotics

• Understand the origin of antibiotics.
• Recognize the timeline of antibiotic development.
• Understand how antibiotics treat bacterial infections.
• Recognize the concerns about antibiotic resistance and possible solutions to antibiotic resistance.
Unit 2: Agricultural Biotechnology through the Green Revolution

• Recognize the changes in agricultural biotechnology in the late 19th century.
• Understand how double cross breeding changed plants.
• Recognize the developments that led to the Green Revolution.
• Understand how technological advances led to genetic modification in modern agriculture.
Unit 3: Mapping the Human Genome

• Understand the history of the Human Genome Project.
• Recognize the accomplishments of the Human Genome Project.
• Understand developments since the completion of the Human Genome Project.
• Recognize the potential for genetic research and understanding.
Unit 4: Modern Industrial Biotechnology

• Understand the modern industrial uses for enzymes.
• Recognize the role of genetics in modern industrial biotechnology.
• Understand how and why biofuels are important.
• Recognize the environmental benefits of industrial biotechnology.
Biotechnology: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets Midterm Exam

Unit 5: Modern Agricultural Biotechnology

• Understand how organisms are genetically modified.
• Recognize the prevalence of GMOs.
• Understand the risks and benefits of GMOs.
• Develop an educated opinion about the role of GMOs in our food supply.
Unit 6: Modern Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

• Explain innovations in pharmaceutical biotechnology.
• Define the importance of genetically modified hormones, insulin, and other compounds typically produced in the body.
• Recognize the potential for new treatments for cancer and other illnesses.
• Describe the importance of vaccines.
Unit 7: The Future of Biotech: Innovation

• Identify the drivers of innovation in biotechnology and their interrelationships.
• Describe how biotechnology innovations are funded.
• Discuss major advancements in medical biotech innovations.
• Explain areas of agricultural biotechnology that are being developed.
• Recognize key areas of industrial and environmental biotechnology that represent advances in innovation.
Unit 8: The Role of Ethics and Public Policy

• Define ethics and bioethics
• Discuss the role of bioethics in medicine, agriculture, and industrial/environmental biotech
• Evaluate the meaning of public policy and its relationship to biotech
• Describe public policy principles and practices
• Explain the roles of regulation and the law as public policy


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