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Students continue their study of Chinese by further expanding their knowledge of key vocabulary topics and grammar concepts. Students not only begin to comprehend listening and reading passages more fully, but they also start to express themselves more meaningfully in both speaking and writing. Each unit consists of a new vocabulary theme and grammar concept, reading and listening comprehension activities, speaking and writing activities, multimedia cultural presentations, and interactive activities and practices which reinforce vocabulary and grammar. There is a strong emphasis on providing context and conversational examples for the language concepts presented in each unit. Character recognition and practice are a key focus of the course and students are expected to learn several characters each unit. However, pinyin is still presented with characters throughout the course to aid in listening and reading comprehension. Students should expect to be actively engaged in their own language learning; understand common vocabulary terms and phrases; use a wide range of grammar patterns in their speaking and writing; participate in conversations and respond appropriately to conversational prompts; analyze and compare cultural practices, products, and perspectives of various Chinese-speaking regions; and take frequent assessments by which their language progression can be monitored.

Semester 1





Unit 1


STPVO review

Wedding Customs

Unit 2


Meanings of ??

Uses of ??


Unit 3


? +adj. +?


Unit 4


Comparisons (review + new)

1. A+?+B+adj.

2. A+??+B+adj.

3. A+?+B+?????


Unit 5

Shopping & Money

Uses of ? as a preposition

1. ?+ noun of time

2. ? + noun of place

Uses of ?as a verb


Unit 6


Adverbs of degree: ????and ?


Unit 7

Numbers to 100

How to use ? and ? Also how to use

? like "very”.

National Holidays

Unit 8

Character Review

1. ?
2. ????
3. ?


Unit 9 Midterm Review and Test

Unit 10


How to use ????and ?


Unit 11


Uses of ?

Chinese Expressions

Unit 12


How to use ????and ?.


Unit 13

At School

Uses of V.+ ?

1. To show an upward movement: ?????.

2. To indicate the completion of an action? ???????????.

3. To indicate an action begins and will continue: ????????????.

Traveling in China

Unit 14


Uses of ????????


Unit 15


1. always ???????

2. besides ??...??...

Seasonal Holidays

Unit 16

Telling Time

V +? + N
“?” ?“?”?????????????.


Unit 17

Character Review

Character Review

Dumplings, Wontons, and Buns

Unit 18 Final Review and Test

Semester 2





Unit 19


Adverbs of negation
1. ? ?
2. Uses of ? and ?.

Chinese Folk Songs

Unit 20

The Body

Review ?


Unit 21


1. Modal particle ?to express a change or the tone of a sentence

a. to express a change in climate, season or state of somebody or something that has already happened.

b. to express a change that is going to take place.

c. to express the tone of a sentence.

Women and Society

Unit 22

Weather and Seasons

Uses of ????????”

1. ? Adj. ?

2. ? V. ?


Unit 23


The different meanings between “??????????”and “???????????”

Agriculture in China

Unit 24

Around Town

Uses of ??and ??


Unit 25


How to use ??

Affirmative sentences and negative sentences

How to use ???used only in negative sentences


Unit 26

Character Review

Character Review


Unit 27 Midterm Review and Test

Unit 28


Uses of ??


Unit 29

Holidays and Celebrations

Adverbs of scope: “?” , “?” and their negative forms.

Bamboo Painter

Unit 30


Uses of "????????”


Unit 31

Love and Dating 1

How to use ???and ?

Royal Architecture in Beijing

Unit 32

Love and Dating 2

How to use ? and ??


Unit 33

Social Issues

How to use "??...??..."

Chinese TV Shows

Unit 34


Uses of ??


Unit 35

Character Review

Character Review

Gong Fu

Unit 36 Final Review and Test


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