Contemporary World Issues Online

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In this course, students will compare the geography, governments, economies, and cultures of the world.   Emphasis will be placed on learning about the civics, politics, economics, structures, processes and policies of the United States and then comparing them with those of the international community. Students will use what they know and learn about the United States and the world to analyze current events and contemporary issues. Reasoning and research skills will be applied to the content throughout the course.


Unit 1: Introduction to Contemporary World Issues

  • Section A – 9/11
  • Identifying World Issues
  • Globalization

Unit 2: Democracy and Government in Modern America

  • Our Very Freedom: Principles of Modern American Thought
  • Government in America
  • America's Social Contract
  • The Political Party System in America

Unit 3: Politics and the World

  • World Government
  • Communism
  • Democratic Socialism and the European Union
  • Governments of Africa and the Middle East

Unit 4: Civic Action and Political Discourse 

  • Activism in America
  • Political Discourse in America
  • Propaganda and Politics in America
  • Civic Action Across the World

Unit 5: Economics in the American Democracy

  • Laissez Faire: Capitalism and the American Economy
  • Consumerism in America
  • Responsible Consumerism


Unit 1: Global Markets

  • Economies Across the World
  • Globalizing the World Economy
  • International Trade

Unit 2: Cultural Geography

  • Mapping the Modern World
  • Geography and Foreign Policy: Emerging Issues in the Local, Federal and Global Community
  • Human Interaction with the Environment
  • Development and Improvement: Human Ingenuity and its Impact on the Environment

Unit 3: Cultural Diversity and the Global Community

  • The Culture of Western Civilization
  • The Influence of Islam: the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe
  • Contrasting Cultural Identify and Morality
  • Cultural Globalization

Unit 4: Conflict in a Diverse Global Culture

  • Identifying Cultural Conflict in America
  • Cultural Conflict Across the Globe: Ethnocentric Conflict
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Terrorism and the Seeds of Ancient Conflict

Unit 5: Globalization

  • America’s Role in the Development of a Global Culture
  • Globalization and the World: Identifying its Impact across the Globe
  • Welcoming Progress: Global Advancements

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