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In this course you will learn the step by step process of creative writing across multiple genres. The course opens with the basics such as finding and keeping a focus as well as avoiding writer’s block. Since writing and reading are closely related, you will learn how to analyze and interpret literature by performing close readings. Analysis and close reading will serve as a role model for your future writings. You will build your foundation of knowledge by learning and understanding specific, individual building blocks and strategies of creative writing. Once you have mastered the foundational information, you will write your own works in multiple genres and forms.

Students will be provided with The Practice of Creative Writing

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define what creative writing is and why it is significant.
  2. Understand and use the four parts of creative writing.
  3. Focus on your writing and avoid writer’s block.
  4. Perform close readings to increase understanding.
  5. Understand and write the genres of creative writing.
  6. Understand and implement the building blocks of creative writing.
  7. Learn how to create images, energy, and tension in your writing.
  8. Identify and create patterns in creative writing.
  9. Understand the steps of revision and revise your own writing.
  10. Identify and write in various forms of creative writing.

Course Outline

Finding your focus.

Close reading.

Reading to write.

The building blocks of creative writing.

Parts of a narrative

Parts of poems

Strategies in creative writing.

Creating images.

Increasing energy in your writing.

Building tension in your writing.

Identifying patterns in creative writing.

The principles of insight.

Revision or re-seeing.

Principles of Insight

Writing with accuracy, dialogue, and gestures.

Revising your work.

Creative writing form: Abecedarius

Creative writing form: Anaphora

Creative writing form: Braid

Creative writing form: Graphic narrative and comics

Creative writing form: Flash fiction

Creative writing form: Ghazal

Creative writing form: Journey

Creative writing form: List

Creative writing form: Monologue

Creative writing form: Play / Screenplay

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