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Basic economic theory is the foundation of this course, as students learn how fundamental decisions about the four factors of production are made. Key topics covered include the law of supply and demand; saving, borrowing, and spending; the Federal Reserve System and the money supply; and the role of government in an open market economy.

Students will be provided with the textbook Economics

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define economic laws and concepts.
  2. Apply economic laws and concepts from a variety of perspectives, including those of a typical consumer and producer.
  3. Compare the characteristics of prevalent economic systems as well as how each addresses basic economic questions.
  4. Describe how various markets function.
  5. Explain how and why labor unions were established as well as the role of labor in various economic systems.
  6. Analyze the role of government in the United States economy.
  7. Discuss methods of measuring economic growth and performance.
  8. Outline various economic developments from a global perspective.
  9. Explain the role of trade from a global perspective.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of saving and investment principles.

Course Outline

Lesson 1                                                                                             

TOPIC 1.1:  Fundamentals of Economics                                   

TOPIC 1.2:  Economic Systems                                         

TOPIC 1.3: Free Enterprise                                                           

Lesson 2                                                                                               

TOPIC 2.1: Demand                                                          

TOPIC 2.2: Supply                                                            

TOPIC 2.3 Equilibrium and Price Controls                                  

TOPIC 2.4: Competition and Market Structures              

Lesson 3                                                                                             

TOPIC 3.1: Forms of Business Ownership                                  

TOPIC 3.2: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets        

TOPIC 3.3: Money and Banking                                       

TOPIC 3.4: Financial Markets 

Lesson 4                                                                                               

TOPIC 4.1: Gross Domestic Product                                             

TOPIC 4.2: Economic Challenges                                     

Lesson 5                                                                                             

TOPIC 5.1: Taxes and Spending                                        

TOPIC 5.2: Fiscal and Monetary Policy                            

      TOPIC 5.3: The Federal Reserve System                                   

Lesson 6                                                                                             

TOPIC 6.1:  International Trade                                       

      TOPIC 6.2:  Economic Development  


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