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This course covers drama, short fiction, and poetry. Students will learn how to read each type of literature closely and interpret meaning. Reading literature not only sharpens your reading skills, it sharpens your critical thinking!Students will encounter thematic content that allows them to explore diverse literature from a wide variety of time periods. Relive the world of women during the 18th century in “A Jury of Her Peers.” Get inside the mind of the mentally insane while reading “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Walk alongside African-Americans struggling for equality during the 1950’s in the drama “Fences”. Enjoy the many poetic voices from a multitude of cultures and ethnicities with the poetry selections.

Students will also be provided with The Norton Introduction to Literature

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:


1. Draw inferences from the text and back up your findings with textual evidence.

2. Understand the denotation and connotation of a word.

3. Identify and analyze the theme of the text.

4. Identify and analyze the setting of the text.

5. Identify and analyze the author’s use of voice.

6. Identify and analyze the author’s point of view and how that effects how the story is told.

7. Identify and analyze the plot of a story.

8. Understand how word usage affects voice and tone.

9. Analyze a character in the story through characterization.

10. Identify and analyze the author’s use of figurative language.

11. Effectively organize thoughts and ideas so that you might write a literary interpretation essay.

12. Interpret and write about literature through a variety of lenses.

Course Outline

Semester 1

Lesson 1: Poetry

Lesson 2: Short Fiction

Lesson 3: Drama


Semester 2

Lesson 4: Non-Fiction

Lesson 5: Shakespeare

Lesson 6: Animal Farm

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