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English 2 focuses on world literature. Students continue the study and development of skills in literature, composition, and grammar through active reading and ongoing writing begun in English I. Students read fiction stories, nonfiction stories, biographies, drama, and poetry. They continue to learn about literary terms and genres. Students then use their composition skills into a variety of writing activities and oral assignments.

Students will be provided with The Norton Introduction to Literature.

Course Objectives

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

1.            Use skills including identifying images, irony, cause and effect chains, figures of speech, and rhythm and meter in poetry to understand a variety of texts including fiction, poetry, plays, and essays.

2.            Understand how your response to a text may be shaped by your age, gender, class, or personal experiences.

3.            Make connections between your own life and the texts including images that make you think, stories that parallel your own, and philosophies that intrigue you through personal writing, reflection questions, and analytical thinking.

4.            Understand and apply the steps to clear, logical writing including prewriting, drafting, and revising as you write a variety of texts including fiction, poetry, persuasive essays, a research paper, and an autobiography.

5.            Use a variety of stylistic and rhetorical devices in your writing including using clear images and precise diction, supportive details such as anecdotes, comparisons, and visual aids where appropriate.

6.            Recognize more vocabulary words and know how to find the meaning of words you don’t understand.

7.            Prepare recorded presentations that display poise and an understanding of tempo and inflection.

Course Outline

Lesson #1:  Fiction 

Lesson #2:  Nonfiction

Lesson #3:  Poetry

Lesson #4:  Drama 

Lesson #5:  Drama (Continued)

Lesson #6:  Sources of Wisdom and Finding Our Heroes

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