English Grade 11 Print Credit Recovery

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English 11 offers students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the genres and movements of American literature, while also developing their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. This course includes the study of diverse literary texts that represent the cultural context of their time and allows students to engage in the practice of analysis and interpretation, with the history of the United States reflected in each assignment. Upon completion of the course, students will have reviewed basic tenets of grammar and writing, created unique and developed interpretations of American literature, and established an understanding of how cultural context affects literary movements.

Course Objectives

This study material is designed to provide students with a concise review of the conventions of Standard English, to review vocabulary concepts and to introduce students to the elements of a short story.

After reading the text and completing the exercises found in the Study Guide, you will be able to:

·         identify and use the eight parts of speech in sentences.

·         classify sentences according to form and function and appropriately punctuate and use the four different types of sentences.

·         identify subjects and predicates.

·         label common sentence patterns.

·         conjugate the simple forms of regular and irregular verbs. 

·         discriminate between adjective and adverb comparisons. 

·         complete and create original analogies.

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