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In this course, students will explore the world through many aspects. Where traditional geography classes emphasize our world’s physical geography, this class holds an added emphasis on human geography and the interaction of the two. The underlying question of “How do physical systems and human systems shape a place?” is constant to the world that you will study.

Students will be provided with Geography The Human and Physical World

Course Objectives

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the themes of geography and give examples of applications of them.
  2. Compare and contrast the internal and external structures of the earth’s surface.
  3. Locate any area on the earth’s surface using mapping skills.
  4. Contrast the different land forms, climates, vegetation, customs, and languages of the world and major regions and explain how these affect culture.
  5. Compare and contrast political and economic systems around the world and relate them to geographic causes.
  6. Identify physical and human characteristics of any given area.
  7. Discuss how experience and culture influence people’s perceptions of different areas.
  8. Apply geography to the past, present, and future.

Course Outline

Lesson 1  

Lesson 1.0 How Geographers Look at the World     

Lesson 1.1 The Physical World                                   

Lesson 1.2 Climates of the Earth                               

Lesson 1.3 The Human World                                     

Lesson 2                                                                             

Lesson 2.0 The United States                                                     

Lesson 2.1 Canada                                                                          

Lesson 2.2 Mexico                                                                          

Lesson 2.3 Central America and the Caribbean   

Lesson 2.4 South America                                                            

Lesson 3    

Lesson 3.0 Northern Europe                                                       

Lesson 3.1 Northwestern Europe                                             

Lesson 3.2 Southern Europe                                                       

Lesson 3.3 Eastern Europe                                                          

Lesson 3.4 The Russian Core       

Lesson 4    

Lesson 4.0 North Africa                                                

Lesson 4.1 The Eastern Mediterranean 

Lesson 4.2 The North East                                            

Lesson 4.3 The Arabian Peninsula                            

Lesson 4.4 Central Asia                                 

Lesson 5   

Lesson 5.0 The Transition Zone                 

Lesson 5.1 East Africa                                                     

Lesson 5.2 West Africa                                  

Lesson 5.3 Equatorial Africa  

Lesson 5.4 Southern Africa                                                             

Lesson 5.5 India                                                

Lesson 5.6 Pakistan and Bangladesh                        

Lesson 5.7 Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal & Sri Lanka  

Lesson 6    

Lesson 6.0 China and Mongolia                 

Lesson 6.1 Japan                                                              

Lesson 6.2 North Korea and South Korea              

Lesson 6.3 Southeast Asia                                            

Lesson 6.4 Australia and New Zealand   

Lesson 6.5 Oceania                                             


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