Geometry Online Credit Recovery

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The Geometry Credit Recovery course combines mathematical reasoning and proof with an extension of students’ algebraic development in geometric contexts. The course focuses primarily on two-dimensional shapes in the Euclidean plane. Starting with segments and angles, students develop understanding of and work through problems and proofs involving congruence, similarity, parallel and perpendicular lines, quadrilaterals, and circles. Toward the end of the course, time is also spent extending the treatment of triangles into basic trigonometry concepts and providing students with a detailed taste of analytic geometry by developing and using the equation of a circle in the coordinate plane.

Semester 1
Unit 1: Basic Tools
Unit 2: Transformations
Unit 3: Reasoning and Proof
Unit 4: Vertical Angles and Corresponding Parts
Unit 5: Congruent Figures
Unit 6: Perimeter and Area
Unit 7: Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Unit 8: Parallel Line and Triangle Properties
Unit 9: Triangle and Quadrilateral Properties
Unit 10: Similarity

Semester 2
Unit 1: Triangle Similarity
Unit 2: Theorems Involving Similarity
Unit 3: Circles and Composite Figures
Unit 4: Volume
Unit 5: Angles, Arcs, and Lines in a Circle
Unit 6: Arc Length, Sectors, and Inscribed Angles
Unit 7: Right Triangle Trigonometry
Unit 8: Conic Sections
Unit 9: Modeling with Geometry

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