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This course is about “you.” Health focuses on the impact of lifestyle choices on wellness and health. Each chapter in the text deals with topics that are important to you. Subjects ranging from sexuality to drugs and nutrition to exercise will be studied. You will gain knowledge to help identify problems in any of these areas of your own life and learn ways to work through them. This will allow you to move toward a healthier lifestyle. This course will put you in charge of managing your health. During your studies, you will be encouraged to seek help in resolving problems. This help can come from you, your family and friends, or your community.

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Course Objectives

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

1.            Develop an appreciation for the importance of well-being in all aspects of health.

2.            Recognize the major health issues and identify the risk factors involved in these issues.

3.            Explain how behavior affects health.

4.            Name several ways that society addresses health issues affecting the entire population.

Course Outline

Semester 1

Lesson 1- Mental Health/Social Health

•             Chapter 1- Making Healthy Decisions

•             Chapter 2- Personality, Self-Esteem, and Emotions

•             Chapter 3- Managing Stress

•             Chapter 4- Mental Disorders and Suicide

•             Chapter 5- Family Relationships

•             Chapter 6- Building Healthy Relationships

•             Chapter 7- Preventing Violence


Lesson 2- Nutrition

•             Chapter 8- Food and Nutrition

•             Chapter 9- Making Healthy Food Choices

•             Chapter 10- Digestion and Excretion


Lesson 3- Physical Fitness

•             Chapter 11- Movement and Coordination

•             Chapter 12- Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health

•             Chapter 13- Exercise and Lifelong Fitness


Semester 2


Lesson 4- Substance Abuse

•             Chapter 15- Alcohol

•             Chapter 16- Tobacco

•             Chapter 17- Preventing  Drug Abuse


Lesson 5- Human Development

•             Chapter 18- Reproduction and Heredity

•             Chapter 19- Pregnancy, Birth, and Childhood

•             Chapter 20- Adolescence and Adulthood


Lesson 6- Preventing Disease/Community Health & Safety

•             Chapter 21- Infectious Diseases

•             Chapter 22- Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDS

•             Chapter 23- Chronic Diseases and Disabilities

•             Chapter 24- Safeguarding the Public

•             Chapter 25- Healthy Community and Environment

•             Chapter 26- Preventing Injuries

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