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This integrated math course focuses on linear and simple exponential models. The course contrasts linear behavior with exponential behavior and uses both linear and simple exponential equations as models. Students learn about and work extensively with functions—analyzing function properties and behavior, creating and transforming functions, and applying functions to various continuous and discrete situations. The statistics in the course cover both univariate and bivariate data. For univariate data, students learn about measures of center and spread. For bivariate data, they learn about correlation and fitting data to a line. The topics in geometry include transformations, reasoning, congruence, construction, and analytic geometry.

When enrolling in the full year option of this course it will be delivered in two semesters. Transcripts will reflect each semester separately

Unit 1: Expressions and Problem Solving
Unit 2: One-Variable Linear Equations and Inequalities
Unit 3: Two-Variable Linear Equations and Inequalities
Unit 4: Working with Functions 
Unit 5: Radicals and Exponents
Unit 6: Exponential Functions
Unit 7: Sequences and Modeling with Functions
Unit 8: Semester Review and Test

Unit 1: Systems of Equations
Unit 2: Univariate Data
Unit 3: Bivariate Data
Unit 4: Basic Tools and Transformations
Unit 5: Proof, Congruence, and Construction 
Unit 6: Analytic Geometry
Unit 7: End-of-Year Project
Unit 8: Semester Review and Test


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