Integrated Mathematics II Online

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Integrated Mathematics II, introduces students to polynomials, including the factoring of polynomials, before moving onto quadratics equations and quadratic functions. Students expand on their knowledge of sequences in learning about series. The course also covers probability, including conditional probability. There are many geometry topics in the course, including transversals, quadrilaterals, similarity, volume, and circles. Students solve problems using right triangle trigonometry and special right triangles, and use the tools of analytic geometry to describe circles and parabolas in the coordinate plane.

When enrolling in the full year option of this course it will be delivered in two semesters. Transcripts will reflect each semester separately

Unit 1: Polynomials
Unit 2: Quadratic Equations
Unit 3: Quadratic Functions 
Unit 4: Sequences and Series
Unit 5: Counting and Probability
Unit 6: Transversals and Triangles
Unit 7: Quadrilaterals
Unit 8: Semester Review and Test

Unit 1: Similarity
Unit 2: Triangle Similarity
Unit 3: Area and Volume
Unit 4: Circles
Unit 5: Right Triangle Trigonometry 
Unit 6: Conic Sections
Unit 8: Semester Review and Test

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