Interior Design Online Single Semester

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Do you have a flare for designing and decorating? If so, this course will show you how to turn your interests and skills into a career. From professionals who own their own business to those working within a larger company, interior designers do it all—from planning the color scheme to choosing furniture and light fixtures—with the end goal of creating a space where people can live or work comfortably, safely, and happily.  You’ll learn about color, texture, trends and styles over time, how homes are built, and “green” options for homes and businesses. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to work with a client to meet their unique needs and style requirements. This course will help you to identify parts of interior design that are most interesting to you, helping you to chart the path for your future.

When enrolling in the full year option of this course, it will be delivered in two semesters. Transcripts will reflect each semester separately.

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Unit 1: Introducing: Interior Design Careers
• Describe careers in the interior design industry
• Identify personal skills and interests as they relate to interior design careers
• Explore possible career paths in the interior design industry
• Research and present information on interior design careers, including the responsibilities, employment opportunities, and education/training requirements
Unit 2: Design and Communicate: Basic Skills for the Design Industry
• Define and illustrate the elements and principles of design
• Create a color wheel and describe the psychology behind different colors
• Distinguish between non-assertive, assertive, and aggressive communication
• Demonstrate communication skills that promote positive relationships in the workplace
• Practice active-listening and conflict-resolution skills
Unit 3: Tools of the Trade 
• Identify and select the appropriate tools and equipment for design projects
• Practice care and maintenance of design equipment
• Explore a variety of fabrics and consider uses of texture and color
• Use computer aided design to create and modify design plans
• Describe common types of plans created by designers
Unit 4: Types of Houses and Buildings
• Describe the steps taken to build a typical house
• Analyze the impact of society and the economy on housing changes through the decades
• Explain the process to determine housing needs and wants
• Evaluate the impact of climate and resources on housing choices
Interior Design Midterm Exam
Unit 5: Basics of Decorating
• Identify the characteristics of furnishing and design styles
• Describe factors that impact interior design choices
• Discuss the pros and cons of décor and furnishing options
• Explain how to furnish a room taking into account factors such as scale, placement, and use
Unit 6: Trends in Interior Design
• Analyze design trends to make evidence-based predictions about the future of design
• Discuss green design and the techniques, materials, and technology that can be applied to increase the sustainability of a project
• Evaluate the importance of green design and eco-friendly products
• Examine the positive and negative impact that a given design product has on the environment
Unit 7: Putting it Together: Designing Your Space 
• Work cooperatively with a client to achieve group goals
• Take leadership over a design project and demonstrate organizational responsibilities
• Apply math, reading, and critical thinking skills as they relate to the design industry
• Describe the steps required to create a functional design, taking into account a variety of aspects including the client’s needs, effective use of space, placement of furnishings, and aesthetics
Unit 8: Look to the Future: Your career
• Create and collect documents required to apply for a job
• Describe acceptable work habits and professionalism for the work place
• Identify and track possible career paths in the interior design field
• Discuss the qualities of an entrepreneur and the considerations required to start a business
• Identify the impacts of social media and the internet on interior design careers
Interior Design Final Exam

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