Introduction to Agriscience Online Single Semester

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Agriculture has played an important role in the lives of humans for thousands of years. It has fed us and given us materials that have helped us survive. Today, scientists and practitioners are working to improve and better understand agriculture and how it can be used to continue to sustain human life. In this course, students learn about the development and maintenance of agriculture, animal systems, natural resources, and other food sources. Students also examine the relationship between agriculture and natural resources and the environment, health, politics, and world trade

Unit 1: The Importance of Agriscience

  • Farming: The Roots of Civilization
  • The Importance of Agriscience
  • What Is Agriscience?
  • A Tale of Two Orange Groves
  • What Happened to the American Lime?
  • Consulting with the World

Unit 2: Agriscience and the Environment

  • What Is the Environment?
  • Agriscience and the Environment: What Goes into Water?
  • Other Environmental Elements
  • Forests and Aquatic Life
  • Getting Power to the People
  • Elements of Communication

Unit 3: Plant Science

  • Plants: Foundation of the Ecosystem
  • Plant Science: Plants around Us
  • Anatomy of Plants: Leaves
  • On the Cellular Level
  • Soil Basics
  • Building Professional Skills: Critical Thinking

Unit 4: The Animal Element

  • Livestock in America
  • Choosing Man's Companions
  • Cattle Is King
  • The Horse, of Course
  • Uses of American Livestock
  • So Many Stomachs
  • Building Professional Skills: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

Unit 5: Animal Anatomy

  • Understanding Animal Anatomy
  • Internal Anatomy
  • The Basics of Genetics
  • Sorting Out Genes
  • Preventing Pesky Pests
  • Chemical Solutions for Problem Pests
  • Building Professional Skills: Workplace Safety

Unit 6: Technology and Agriscience

  • The Food Industry Overview
  • Preservatives and Additives
  • Too Much Science?
  • Critiques of GMOs
  • Building Workplace Skills: Responsibility and Technical Skills

Unit 7: Careers in Agriscience

  • Going Global with Agriscience
  • Biology, Biology, Biology
  • Nuts and Bolts of Equipment and Safety
  • Tractor Basics
  • Choosing a Career
  • Displaying Character at Work

Unit 8: Agribusiness Management

  • The Business Side of Agriculture
  • Distinct Features of Agriculture
  • Selling Livestock
  • Commodity Exchanges
  • Building Professional Skills: Leadership

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