Kindergarten Fitness and Health-Full Year

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Young students begin to learn the basics about how their bodies grow and work. In this course they learn to keep their bodies healthy, access health help, and make healthy choices. Lessons cover physical health and hygiene, mental health and wellness, nutrition and physical activity, injury and violence prevention, and safety. Students participate in fitness activities in each lesson. Students will practice fundamental movement patterns like skipping, hopping, and leaping, and will have fun learning basic yoga poses and cooperative games. Students learn life skills like how to reduce stress, respect differences and work together.

Materials required to complete this course are in digital format.

Lesson 1: Health Help

Lesson 2: Weather and Your Health

Lesson 3: Germs

Lesson 4: Illness and Disease

Lesson 5: Lice Bugs and Germs

Lesson 6: Food Allergies

Lesson 7: Positive You

Lesson 8: How Are You Feeling?

Lesson 9: What is Stress?

Lesson 10: Stay Calm

Lesson 11: Understanding Differences

Lesson 12: Respectful Communication

Lesson 13: Bullying Behaviors

Lesson 14: Stand Up to Bullying

Lesson 15: My Five Senses

Lesson 16: My Body on the Move

Lesson 17: Keeping Clean and Having Fun

Lesson 18: Food Groups

Lesson 19: Food is Fuel for Your Body

Lesson 20: Water is Life

Lesson 21: Sleep and Flexibility

Lesson 22: Healthy Habits and Setting Goals

Lesson 23: Travel Safely

Lesson 24: Play Safely

Lesson 25: What is Your Emergency?

Lesson 26: What Can We Reuse?

Lesson 27: Personal Space

Lesson 28: Making Friends

Lesson 29: Working with Others

Lesson 30: Good Medicine

Lesson 31: Harmful or Helpful?

Lesson 32: Alcohol

Lesson 33: Tobacco

Lesson 34: Drugs

Lesson 35: Refusal Skills

Lesson 36: Get Help

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