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Kindergarten Language Arts and Phonics Online

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The English Language Arts K program comprises two courses, ELA K and Phonics K. The program provides kindergarten students with a complete early literacy learning experience. Students work through structured lessons that emphasize reading readiness, phonics, language skills, literature, writing skills, and handwriting through a combination of teacher-led instruction (either live or via embedded video within the course) and independent practice, both online and offline. The program provides a strong foundation in comprehension and vocabulary to instill a lifelong interest in reading and learning.

Phonics prepares students to become independent readers through teacher-led, systematic, multisensory instruction in a developmentally appropriate manner. Students review letter names, practice phonological awareness, and learn decoding skills and sight words. Letter tiles, a variety of interactive games and activities, and decodable readers (brief stories that consist entirely of words students can read independently) support multimodal learning.

Read-aloud instruction through a wide variety of texts kindles the imagination and builds knowledge while developing listening skills, comprehension, and vocabulary. Students acquire the critical skills and knowledge required for reading and literacy. Text selections include engaging classic literature, exciting contemporary titles, and informative nonfiction topics in a variety of formats including trade books, magazines, and e-books.

Poems and nursery rhymes help students further expand vocabulary and comprehension while developing a love of language. Drawing, and later writing, in students’ My Writing Journal K lays the foundations of the writing process as students brainstorm, discuss, illustrate, and share ideas with others.

Targeted handwriting activities provide gentle instruction to help students print letters correctly.


This course requires the following household materials:

· crayons

· dictation notebook

· glue

· index cards

· scissors, round-end safety

· sight words box

SEMESTER 1 - Language Arts
Unit 1: Teamwork
Unit 2: Get Moving
Unit 3: Family Time
Unit 4: Fun with Fairy Tales
Unit 5: Midsemester A Reflect, Review, and Read
Unit 6: We Belong
Unit 7: Small Creatures
Unit 8: What's Your Name?
Unit 9: Important Tales
Unit 10: Midyear Reflect, Review, and Read
Unit 11: Amazing Animals
Unit 12: Friendship
Unit 13: Grow!
Unit 14: Our Earth Is Awesome
Unit 15: Midsemester B Reflect, Review, and Read
Unit 16: Bodies Can Do Cool Things
Unit 17: Three!
Unit 18: Hot and Cold
Unit 19: End-of-Year Reflect, Review, and Read

SEMESTER 2 - Phonics
Unit 1: Sounds /m/, /t/, /n/, /p/, /ē/, /h/, /d/, and /ŏ/
Unit 2: Sounds /b/, /f/, /ā/, /g/, /ō/, and /j/
Unit 3: Sounds /s/, /ă/, /w/, /z/, /ī/, and /l/
Unit 4: Sounds /th/, /th/, /ĕ/, /k/, /v/, and /r/
Unit 5: Sounds /ĭ/, /ŭ/, /ch/, and /y/
Unit 6: Sounds /sh/, /aw/, & /kw/ and Syllables
Unit 7: Sounds /oi/, /ū/, and /ks/
Unit 8: Sounds Long Double o and /ow/
Unit 9: Sounds for Letters a, m, s, t, b, f, c, h, and j
Unit 10: Word Families –at and –am
Unit 11: Sounds for Letters l, n, p, & r and Vowels
Unit 12: Word Families –an and –ap
Unit 13: Sounds for Letters o, d, g, k, and v
Unit 14: Word Families –op and –ot
Unit 15: Sounds for Letters i, qu, and z
Unit 16: Word Families –in, –it, and –ip
Unit 17: Sounds for Letters u, w, and x
Unit 18: Word Families –ug and –un
Unit 19: Sounds for Letters e and y
Unit 20: Getting Stronger: Letters, Sounds, and Word Families
Unit 21: Digraphs sh and th
Unit 22: Getting Stronger: Word Families and Digraphs
Unit 23: Digraphs wh and ch
Unit 24: Getting Stronger: Digraphs
Unit 25: Word Families with –tch and –ck
Unit 26: Getting Stronger: Review Letters and Sounds
Unit 27: Word Families with Long and Short Vowels a and e
Unit 28: Getting Stronger: Long and Short Vowel Word Families
Unit 29: Word Families with Long and Short Vowels i and o
Unit 30: Getting Stronger: More Long and Short Vowel Word Families
Unit 31: Endings –s and –es
Unit 32: Getting Stronger: Vowels
Unit 33: Endings –ff, –ll, –ss, and –zz
Unit 34: Getting Stronger: Vowels, Plurals, and Word Families
Unit 35: Compound Words
Unit 36: Letters & Sounds, Words, and Sentences


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