Kindergarten Math Online-Full Year

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Math K is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. Students master content through a combination of teacher-led instruction (either live or via embedded video within the course) and independent practice, both online and offline. Teacher-led instruction engages students using online resources, including virtual manipulatives, videos demonstrating concepts with physical manipulatives, and videos teaching concepts through song. During independent practice, students solve problems online, often working with virtual manipulatives, and offline in an activity book. The Math K curriculum begins with a heavy emphasis on numbers and counting, leading to an understanding of addition and subtraction. Throughout the Math K course, students also explore mathematical concepts found around them in the world, including clocks and calendars, position and patterns, subtilizing, shapes, measurable attributes, and money.

This course requires the following household materials:
· coins: penny, nickel, dime, quarter
· crayons, markers, or colored pencils
· glue
· scissors, round-end safety

Unit 1: Math Around You
Unit 2: More Math Around You
Unit 3: Numbers Through 5
Unit 4: Work with 5
Unit 5: Numbers Through 10
Unit 6: Work with 10
Unit 7: Numbers Through 100
Unit 8: Mid-Year Project

Unit 9: Add within 5
Unit 10: Subtract within 5
Unit 11: Measurable Attributes
Unit 12: Add within 10
Unit 13: Subtract within 10
Unit 14: Shapes and Solids
Unit 15: End-of-Year Project

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