Math (General) Grade 8 Print Credit Recovery

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In 8th grade Algebra you will have the opportunity to review the application of the four basic operations of real numbers, solving equations, working with percents and geometric measurements. In addition to Algebra, you will be able to solve real life problem solving mathematics. The course will be divided into 8 different sections which will allow students to be introduced to new concepts and to apply previous learned content.

Course Objectives

This study material is designed to provide students with a concise review of general mathematics. After reading the text and completing the exercises found in the Study Guide, you will be able to:

·         Define mathematical terminology.

·         Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems that involve whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

·         Change percents to fractions and decimals, compute percentage of a base of a percentage.

·         Read, write and round whole numbers and decimal numbers.

·         Reduce and change the forms of fractions.

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