Middle School Photography Online Single Semester

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Photographs play an important role in our world today. We photograph to preserve memories, document events, and create artistic works. This course introduces students to the basics of photography, including camera functions and photo composition. Students will learn what it takes to create a good photograph and how to improve photographs of animals, people, and vacations. They will also begin working with their photographs using photo-editing software. Through a variety of assigned projects, students will engage their creativity by photographing a range of subjects and learning to see the world through the lens of their cameras.

Unit 1: Introduction to Photography

· What is Photography?

· Early Photography

· Color Photography

· How Does a Camera Work?

· What Do You Need for Digital Photography?


Unit 2: Meeting Your Camera

· Point-and-Shoot Cameras

· What Does This Button Do?

· Taking Care of Your Camera

· Dirt


Unit 3: Choosing a Subject

· Choosing Your Photograph

· The Purpose

· Choosing a Great Subject


Unit 4: Elements of Composition

· Composition

· Rule of Thirds

· Framing

· Orientation

· Look and Imitate


Unit 5: Backgrounds and Foregrounds

· The Foreground

· The Middleground

· The Background

· Drawing Attention to Your Subject


Unit 6: Managing and Editing Your Photos

· File Types

· Managing Your Photos

· Editing Your Photos


Unit 7: Vacation Photos

· Preparation

· Classic Vacation Shots

· Parades, Festivals, and other Attractions

· Nature and Landscapes

· Urban Areas and Human-Made Objects

· Your Hometown


Unit 8: The Wild Side

· General Animal and Wildlife Photography Tips

· Photographing Birds

· Photographing Pets


Unit 9: Photographing People

· Photographing People

· To Pose or Not to Pose

· Self-Portraits


Unit 10: Photographer Etiquette and Display

· Photography Etiquette

· Printing Photography

· Displaying Photographs

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