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Physical Education Online Credit Recovery Single Semester

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In this Physical Education course, students develop an awareness of the fundamental components and principles of fitness. This course examines safety guidelines, proper technique, and exercise principles such as FITT: Frequency (how often you exercise), Intensity (how hard you work during exercise), Time (how long you exercise), and Type (what type of activity you do). Students learn about the five components of physical fitness: flexibility, cardiovascular health, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition. They learn the health benefits of several different types of lifetime fitness activities, as well as the proper technique to safely participate in these pursuits. Students also assess their current stress levels and discover ways to effectively manage stress in their lives. This one-semester course equips students with strategies to help them begin, design, and maintain an exercise program to keep them fit for life. Student previously took the course or its equivalent but did not receive credit; and teacher/school counselor recommendation.

Module A: Principles of Exercise and Fitness
Module B: Heart Rate and Goal Setting
Module C: Anatomy and Biomechanics
Module D: Motion and Balance
Module E: Cardiorespiratory Activities
Module F: Everyday Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Module G: Lifetime Activities
Module H: Recreational Activities
Module I: Stress Management and Breathing
Module J: Yoga and Pilates

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