Pre-Algebra Online Credit Recovery

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Stride’s Pre-Algebra credit recovery course is intended to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learned in the middle grades and prepare students for a formal algebra course. In this course, students deepen their understanding of linear equations and inequalities by contrasting them with each other. Students also learn about systems of equations and inequalities and prepare for Algebra with an initial exposure to polynomials, their properties and how to operate with them. Students also study irrational numbers and the Pythagorean theorem.

Students take short diagnostic assessments at the beginning of the course for blocks of related content within each unit. Student performance on these assessments determines the content revealed to the student.

Semester 1

·        Number Properties

o   Course Checkpoints

o   Expressions

o   Distributive Property

o   Positive and Zero Exponents

o   Negative Exponents

o   Work with Exponents

o   Scientific Notation

o   Add and Subtract in Scientific Notation

o   Multiply and Divides in Scientific Notation

o   Problem Solving with Scientific Notation

o   Problem Solving

o   Dimensional Analysis

o   Structure and Meaning

·        Equations

o   Addition and Subtraction Equations

o   Simplify Before Adding or Subtracting

o   Multiplication and Division Equations

o   Simplify Before Multiplying or Dividing

o   Multiple Transformations

o   Simplify Before Multiple Transformations

o   Variables on Both Sides of an Equation

o   Strange Solutions

o   Solve Problems with Equations

o   Solve Inequalities

o   Applications of Inequalities

o   Reasoning

·        Slope

o   Equations in Two Variables

o   Lines and Intercepts

o   Proportional Relationships

o   Slope

o   Simple Linear Graphs

o   Slope-Intercept Form

o   Convert Equations to Slope-Intercept Form

o   Use Slope as a Rate

o   Compare Relationships

·        Lines

o   Point-Slope form

o   Equations from Graphs

o   Convert Forms of Lines

o   Representations of Linear Models

o   Sketch Lines

·        Systems of Equations

o   Systems of Liner Equations

o   Use Graphs to Solve Systems

o   Classify Systems

o   Substitution Method

o   Linear Combination

o   Linear Combination with Multiplication

o   Applications: Systems of Linear Equations

o   Graph Linear Inequalities

o   Systems of Linear Inequalities

Semester 2

·        Functions

o   Relations

o   Functions

o   Function Equations

o   Linear Function Equations and Rate of Change

o   Interpret Linear Function Equations

o   Identify Linear Models

o   Function Representations

o   Describe Functions

o   Function Stories

o   Sketch Function Graphs

·        Linear Models

o   Patterns in Two-Way Tables

o   Scatter Plots

o   Clusters and Outliers

o   Associations in Scatter Plots

o   Lines of Best Fit

o   Interpret Slopes and Intercepts

·        Polynomials

o   Overview of Polynomials

o   Add and Subtract Polynomials

o   Multiply Monomials

o   Multiply Polynomials

o   Common Factors of Polynomials

·        Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity

o   Corresponding Parts of Transformed Figures

o   Congruence

o   Sequences of Rigid Transformations

o   Properties of Rigid Transformations

o   Rigid Transformations and the Coordinate Plane

o   Rigid Transformation Mapping Rules

o   Dilations

o   Similarity

o   Similarity and Scale

o   Dilations and the Coordinate Plane

o   Sequences of Transformations and Dilations

o   The AA Criterion

·        Irrational Numbers

o   Rational Numbers

o   Terminating and Repeating Numbers

o   Understand Irrational Numbers

o   Approximations of Irrationals

o   Evaluate Square Roots and Cube Roots

o   Use Square Roots to Solve Equations

o   Use Cube Roots to Solve Equations

·        The Pythagorean Theorem

o   Use the Pythagorean Theorem

o   Convers of the Pythagorean Theorem

o   Prove the Pythagorean Theorem

o   Distances in the Coordinate Plane

o   Applications of the Pythagorean Theorem

o   Pythagorean Theorem in 3-D

o   More Pythagorean Applications

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