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American Sign Language 3 dives into more advanced ASL signing, including unique grammar features and advanced classifiers and locatives. This third-year course immerses students into Deaf culture and community, by allowing students to compose and present their new-found vocabulary and narratives. Students will explore how travel, cultural differences, and geography affect sign language, while learning to form opinions, and using slang and other idiomatic expressions in ASL. Additionally, students will be able to advance their signing skills by developing verb tenses, grammar, and syntax. This course also provides opportunities to debate real-world issues and explore careers opportunities in ASL.

This course requires use of a camera (cell phone, table, or computer camera), a video recording device, and a graphic design tool.

Semester 1
Unit 1: Getting Back Into Signing: Conversations and Opinions
Unit 2: Rites of Passage in the Deaf and Hearing Community
Unit 3: Directions and Travel
American Sign Language Midterm Exam
Unit 4: Opinions in a Digital World
Unit 5: Favorite Subjects: Explore Your Passion
Unit 6: Unforgettable Stories in ASL
American Sign Language Final Exam

Semester 2
Unit 1: Hot Topics: Illustrating Facts
Unit 2: People, Places and Things: Past and Future
Unit 3: Community Activities
American Sign Language Midterm Exam
Unit 4: Language and Culture
Unit 5: Comparing Cultures
Unit 6: Interpreting and Other Careers for Proficient ASL Signers
American Sign Language Final Exam

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