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The world is becoming more complex. How do your beliefs, values, and behavior affect the people around you and the world in which you live? Students examine social problems in the increasingly connected world, and learn how human relationships can strongly influence and impact their lives. Exciting online video journeys to an array of areas in the sociological world are an important component of this relevant and engaging course.

Sociology is the study of people, social life, and society. By developing a “sociological imagination,” students examine how society itself shapes human action and beliefs—and how in turn these factors reshape society itself. Fascinating online video journeys inform students and motivate them to seek more knowledge on their own.

S1 - 1: The World of Sociology

S1 - 2: Our Culture

S1 - 3: Socialization

S1 - 4: Social Structure and Group Behavior

S1 - Midterm Exam

S1 - 5: Deviance and Crime

S1 - 6: Social Stratification and Class

S1 - 7: Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity

S1 - 8: Gender

S1 - Final Exam

S2 - 1: Marriage and Family

S2 - 2: Religion and Education

S2 - 3: The Economy and Politics

S2 - 4: Sport and Entertainment

S2 - Midterm Exam

S2 - 5: Population and Environment

S2 - 6: Cities and Urban Life

S2 - 7: Collective Behavior and Social Movements

S2 - 8: Social Change

S2 - Final Exam

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